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Ximenes BJJ Online Instruction and How to Login...

Hey there Ximenes BJJ and Judo family, as we are all aware the COVID-19 virus has caused the nation and state to react to minimize the spread of the coronavirus. By doing this and utilizing social distancing many if not most businesses are affected by closure or minimum staffing. The fitness and martial art industry definitely falls into this category and we are not able to operate the gym at this time in the way that we normally do. We are unable to conduct classes presently and we will notify everyone either by text, email, or phone calls to keep everyone up-to-date.

Meanwhile, we have put together multiple warm-up routines, individual technique practices to work on, and partner drills and techniques that you all can work on while we are unable to physically practice in the gym. We will be posting some of these on social media such as Facebook and Instagram but to access all the videos that we are offering for the children’s program as well as the adult program you can access these on the website. Also please make sure to check the website daily because new content will be added regularly. How do you do this?

Go to then if you’re on a desktop you’ll see the top menu bar and click on the “membership” menu tab. If on a mobile device click on the drop-down menu that has three horizontal lines on the top right side, click on the “membership” option and the membership page will appear. Now all you need to do is either sign-up or login. It gives you the option to sign up via Facebook, Google, or utilizing an email and password of your choice. Once doing so it would notify us and we will approve your membership and you will have access to all the videos and online learning material. If you have already gone through this process all you have to do is login and watch and practice the material that is offered. If you have any questions contact professors Thiago or George. We appreciate everyone's patience and support and make sure to stay healthy and keep training via our online option at this time.

Thank you

Thiago Ximenes

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